“Acculturate Kyoto to give rise to an even more creative city.”

Design Week Kyoto arose from the hearts of members who share the concept. For us, “Design” is “de + sign,” which is to ‘de’couple our sight and conceptions from the ‘signs’ we regularly see. We believe that decoupling our ‘fixed’ concepts is necessary to create the new things needed in the times we live in today. During the week of the Design Week Kyoto (February 19-26, 2017), a number of manufacturing ‘sites’ will be open. These will be the venues where people, regardless of Japanese or non-Japanese, can communicate and share their ‘sights’ with each other and where new ideas and collaborations will be born. We hope that the Design Week Kyoto can generate a number of wonderful interactions amongst people and that Kyoto will become an even more creative city.